Info about Miele Washing Machines

Miele washing machines have been known to be very good, according to thousands of reviews so far received from users, even though the market is filled with hundreds of other brands and models. Miele is a German company that has been around for more than 100 years with products with different features released over the years.

Features of Miele washing machines


There are lifetime guarantees on the door hinges and front panels, and ten year guarantees on the drum, outer tub, axle, bearings, and motor. The parts that are guaranteed are the ones that usually develop problems in other machines, causing users to replace parts periodically, in most cases two to three years. The guarantees show the quality of the brand, and this means you will not need to replace yours if you buy a Miele machine. The machine will serve you for many years and may even be passed on to your children or other loved ones. It is a great value for your money.

miele washing machines

Spin Speeds

Spin speed shows how fast the machine will spin the clothing being cleaned. Measured in revolutions per second, Miele machines have the appropriate spin speeds for different types of clothing. Faster spin speeds for more durable cloth, like cotton, and slower speeds for synthetic or more delicate cloth. Miele has one of the fastest spin speeds on the market, which results in less moisture left in the clothing at the end of the wash cycle.

Protection of Your Laundry

Another thing that makes Miele washing machines superior is that your laundry will be protected, which means that you don’t need to replace your clothing after two to three washes. For instance, the machines have a drum style which provides a barrier of air or water that protects your laundry. This is made possible through the patented honeycomb drum.

Reduced Electricity Bill

Are you tired of spending too much on your electricity bill caused by laundry washing? If so, then you should consider buying a Miele washing machine. This important feature has been recognized by experts in Europe. Miele washing machines have the “A” rating which means you will have a low level of electricity consumption.

Different Wash Temperatures

Miele washing machines have different wash temperatures for each class of clothing, which is another important thing which helps to protect your items from any type of damage, especially for delicate clothes. The machines have different temperature settings for any class of clothing.

No Manual Cleaning

Miele machines have a detergent drawer that automatically cleans itself out after each wash cycle, which prevents buildup of detergent and makes it so you do not need to do any manual cleaning of your machine. Most other washing machines need to be cleaned often or else there will be a buildup of cleaners in the detergent receptacle.

Miele washing machines are the best for those who want to enjoy a lot of features with their laundry. In addition to the features mentioned above, the machines come with a delay start capability, which enables you to be more flexible with your laundry schedule.